The Hinsdale Community Coalition is a group of adults and youth working together to create and maintain a healthy community for all.

19 Main Street at the Millstream Community Center
603-336-6135 e-mail
Funding for our website was provided by Monadnock Voices for Prevention through a Strategic Prevention Framework grant from the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, NH DHHS.

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HCC Meetings
We would like to announce a new meeting schedule for HCC.  We will now be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 at the Millstream Community Center.   We would love to see some new faces.
HPC is now HCC
The Hinsdale Prevention Coalition has changed it name.  We are now the Hinsdale Community Coalition.  We have welcomed several new members into our group in recent weeks.  And the group has spoken.  Our new name reflects our commitment to making our  community a safer and healthier place to call "Home".

If you or a group that you belong to would like to learn how HCC can benefit you, please contact us:
by e-mail
Quarterly Message
From HCC
  • You don’t have to quit smoking forever.  Just quit for one day and repeat for 364 more days one day at a time!

  • If you smoke, share your struggles to quit with your children. Kids greatly  underestimate how difficult it is to quit smoking.  Showing how hard it is to quit (and making sure quitting doesn’t look easy) can help eliminate this     misperception.  Continuing to try to quit, despite the difficulties, also sends a strong anti-smoking message.

  • There is no such thing as safe exposure to tobacco.  Keep it out of your house and car.  Make your home and vehicle a tobacco free zone!

  • Support smokers who are trying to quit!!

VetCorps Program Comes to Hinsdale 

HCC welcomes Krys Adams as the new Vetcorps
prevention co-ordinator
To contact Krys,
please contact HCC.
The office phone is 603-336-6135.

Below are some important video messages from
the youths of Hinsdale courtesy of Media Power Youth.